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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicine Hat Active! is a movement comprised of local area clubs and organizations to support citizens in our region. The goal is to help families and individuals learn about and register for activities with local clubs and organizations. By working together we bring more awareness to activities in our surrounding area for everyones benefit.


Why not just do the Mall Registration Event?

This event is open to all groups and organizations with no restrictions on group size or not-for-profit status. The Mall-wide Registration Event before it was cancelled had always been limited to a small number of groups on a first-come, first-served basis. The idea behind these new events are to allow as many groups as possible to attend. The low cost ($30) and open participation will allow small groups and individuals (i.e. music teachers, language teachers, schools) to be a part of this event.


How is this better or different?

With more groups and organizations to choose from and learn about, Medicine Hat families are better served with “one stop shopping” for all their children and themselves to help arrange difficult schedules in multi-child families.


How do I register and pay for this event?

Use the registration form on the website and we will get back to you to confirm we have space for your group. Generally, we like to see most groups confirmed 48-72 hours prior to the event so that we can verify and assign space for all the groups. In addition, this allows us enough time that we can create maps and organization lists for the general public the day of the event. We collect the shared fee during the event and we can generally accept a few walk ons that day of the event. A few days prior to the event, you will receive confirmation of where your group will be and any last minute reminders such as bring your table, chairs, etc. The cypress centre is generally rented to us as is and it's up to the groups to bring what they need.


Are you open to suggestions and Ideas?

Absolutely, we are made up of volunteers from groups such as yourself. It is in all our best interest to put on a fun and informational event for the general public. If your group would like to do demonstrations or fun activities, let us know so we can help you bring attention to that. Because we are in a shared and confined space, the only rule is to be a good neighbor with the other groups so that everyone has the same opportunity with the public. We need a lot more help for this event and are looking for more vulunteers so please consider helping us as many hands make for light work.


Why should I care what other groups are doing?

Every group or organization has a limited amount of resources in volunteer hours, expertise, and budgeting.  Combining the best of every group will provide more success at less cost and save valuable volunteer resources for every organization. In addition, the more groups that participate will drive more traffic to the event, which benefits everyone.


We don’t want to participate if our competitors are there.

The reality is that these other options exist already. The decision of what organization to join will ultimately be made by the family.  Should you choose not to participate while your “competitors” do, this is a lost opportunity to convey the benefits of your program. Every organization has specific strengths and benefits. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with the families to allow them to make the best decision for themselves.


We do not need this as our membership is growing and solid.

Statistics show that "Nearly 2 out of every 3 children quit activities by age 10; That's almost 66.6%! This climbs to 3 out of every 4 children or 75% quitting by the ages of 13-15.” What this means even if your organization is growing and solid, this doesn’t guarantee sustainability. Having a continuous presence shows the community that you will be there for them when they are ready for you. The presence is the most important part of participation. What you do with your presence is up to you.The event can be worked for as much or as little time as you have volunteers for; or you can simply leave marketing brochures for families to pick up.


Why will this be a success in contrast to other events?

The goal of this event is to allow the freedom for each organization to determine its greatest needs. These needs can be registrations, public awareness or fundraising.  This event can also be used to promote specific events in the future or most likely some combination of all the above.  It's this flexibility that gives the event it greatest value and success for all its participants.  


What problem are you attempting to solve?

Registrations have been decreasing on an annual basis.  Marketing is becoming fragmented due to a greater variety of options such as radio, print media, signage, social media, and others. Organizations are combating this by spending more on advertising and increasing the amount of labour to even attempt to reach a target demographic.


What this will do is give your group immediate access to your exact target market. The families that attend are here to sign up.


With Registration no longer being held at the Mall, there is a big need for an event to take its place. The opportunity to create a bigger and more beneficial event, requiring less time and administration simply cannot be passed up.


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