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City Wide Activities Registration Event


All local sports and cultural organizations coming together in a centralized location to provide an information and sign-up events.


With youth and adult participation in organized activities on a continual decline for all ages, Having a centralized location where families or individuals can speak to the program coordinators in person will create excitement and showcase new activity opportunities families may not have known about previously.  By combining the marketing effort of groups, we guarantee our own success at a far lower cost than could be achieved by each organization independently.

Reason for Event
Planning, budgeting and reserving marketing resources for organizational growth, branding, and labor can become a large time commitment and focus for many organizations. By combining the best of our groups, we provide this at a larger scale than any one group can achieve.  In addition, we can refocus our volunteer man-hours selling our programs directly to families and children. Less work, less money and more results for our organizations.

Organizations would have the flexibility to participate when they wish and for the time duration that makes sense for their volunteers. To make sure this movement continues, every group should attempt to be present if possible. For those organizations that choose not to be present i person, there will be an opportunity for marketing materials to be left out for pickup. The Cypress Center Auditorium is our primary target, as this will allow us to piggyback upon other events, such as the Farmers Market, Kinplex events, to drive more traffic, making the event more successful for all parties involved.
How it Works
Groups working together establish dates that fit best for the citizens and families in our city in conjunction with venue availability. Once we have 3-4 dates, we book the Cypress Centre to hold an event based on our highest preference. For some groups, they will attend for sign-up/registration but for others it will be for branding and raising wareness to their groups and activities.  The low registrtation cost of $30 is passed directly to event rental  and for billboard, radio, internet, newspaper, and TV advertising. Every group should also do its best to publisize this event. Without groups particpating and working together, the effectiveness of this movement has less appeal for the citizens in our city.

If these events continue to be successful, there may be other fund-raising and marketing opportunities available to the groups that our larger size and volunteer base can bring about. Our goal is to reduce volunteer hours for all groups involved by facilitating knowledge transfer and enhancing cooperation between groups. Other auxilariy savings might include video cameras, computer, printers, copiers, and support staff helping further reduce our operation costs. One group has offerred the use of its 45ppm high speed black/white network printer. Another group has offerred its video camera used for live broadcasts of events and its expertise to help groups with their local events. That is the hope for the future as more groups come forward and share other resources. The MedHatActive movement with the help of our city becomes the clearing house for various activities/groups to share resources with greater input and control for our groups.

The first and most important question is whether this is something your organization would like to be part of. There shouldn't be any reasons why not - access to thousands of people for what we plan to keep under $30 per organization, and there will be NO up-front cost!  We look forward to any questions you may have, and if you wish to get signed up straight away, please go to to register your organization or to learn more!


Please help us spread the word.

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